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Sheila And The Caddo Kats

Nashville Recording Artist...From 'The Edge Of Texas

“Today's Award Winning Variety Band”

This spectacular party band will keep you dancing,

------  "ALL NIGHT LONG" -----
Showcasing the premier vocals of Sheila Clark Fox.

Along with the astonishing award-winning

guitarist/vocalist, Alan Fox.
Pair these with world acclaimed drummer,
Terry Salyer, Plus Bass player, Ricky Roach,

and keyboard extraordinaire, Don Elbert. 
This group performs remarkable Hits That Will Have 
You Dancing on the floor, or right there in your seat.

 Members Are:
Sheila Clark Fox … Vocals/Guitar/Percussion
Terry Salyer … Vocals/Drums/Percussion
Ricky Roach … Bass    
Alan Fox … Vocals/Guitars
Don Elbert … Keys


FOH Sound :  JC Arthur--Arthur Audio


2023 Nashville Museboat Radio Live Channel 
          Most Popular Songs for 'Your Fault'

2023 European Red Carpet Award Fair Play Country Music

         Best Reggae Song - 'Home Grown' Country'
2023 European Red Carpet Award Fair Play Country Music

         Jazz Instrumental Alan Fox - 'Snowflake'
2022 European Red Carpet Award Fair Play Country Music 

          Best Country Voice of the Year
2022 Nashville, TN.  Josie Music Awards - Album of the Year

          'Country Soul Living In The City'
2022 European Red Carpet Award Fair Play Country Music

         Best Cover Song, 'At Last'
2022 European Red Carpet Award Fair Play Country Music

         Best Cover Song-'Wagon Wheel'
2021 Nashville  Award Josie Music Awards

         Entertainer Of The Year Multi-Genre
2021 “Rising Star for Outstanding Talent” From Jefferson, Texas
2021 European Red Carpet, Fair Play Country Music

         "Best Original Band”
2018 Nashville, TN.  Josie Music Awards - "Entertainer of the Year" 



2024 'CHILL' (Produced and Recorded at Studio520) 
2022 'Country Soul Living In The City'       
           (Produced and Recorded at Studio520)
2020 'Would You' Studio520 (the Edge of Texas)
2020 'Tribute Album to Dolly Parton' 'Coat of Many Colors'
          (Bongo Boy Records New Jersey, NY.)
2019 'Uncertain Texas' producer, Kenny Lee, Nashville, TN.


For Booking Please

Contact By Email:

or text:   (903) 754-3025

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Rueggenbach Brewery / Marshall, TX.                                                           Smoke Monkey Music Hall - Rockwall, TX. 

Sand Bar of Kilgore / Kilgore, TX.                                                                       Brisket Love Barbecue & Icehouse /  Lindale, TX.

Red Rooster Ice House / Hawkins, TX.                                             Fresh By Brookshire's Tyler, TX.
Poco Loco Bar & Grill / Gilmer, TX.                                                   Five D Cattle Co. Steakhouse & Meat Market / Avenger, TX

Theater Hotel Of Almelo / Almelo, Netherlands                                           Sam's Town Casino / Shreveport, LA.

Grand Ole Opry / Nashville, TN.                                                        Tia Juanita's / Henderson, TX.

Downtown Live Heritage Plaza / Longview, TX.                                Tatum Pecan Pie Festival / Tatum, TX.

Blues Challenge Poor David's Pub / Dallas, TX.                               Hard Head's Seafood / Crystal Beach, TX. 

The River Stock / Kilgore, TX.                                                           A Tribute To Patsy Cline / Jefferson, TX.
Lone Star Icehouse / Longview, TX.                                                  Rowdy Creek Ranch / Gilmer, TX.
Doc's Taco Shop / Liberty City, TX.                                                   The Back Porch / Kilgore, TX. 
1852 on Austin - Jefferson, TX.                                                         Texas Music City / Lindale, TX. 

FRESH by Brookshire's / Tyler, TX                                                    Fun and Finer Things - Gladewater, TX.

Skipper's Pier / Gladewater, TX.                                                        Los Pino's Ranch Vineyards / Pittsburg, TX.

Smoke Monkey Music Hall / Rockwall, TX.                                       Stone Works /  Longview, TX. 
Bobby Mackey  Songwriter Circle - Nashville, TN.                            KMHL Radio - Marshall, TX.
The White Elephant / Fort Worth Stockyards, TX.                             The Red Rocket TV Production - Jacksonville, FL.
The Troubadour Theatre / Nashville, TN.                                          Auntie Skinners / Jefferson, TX.
Fredonia Brewery / Nacogdoches, TX.                                              Music City Bar & Grill / Nashville, TN.
Pioneer Day's Street Dance / Jefferson, TX.                                     Xtreme Amphitheater / Eufaula, OK.
Ramsey's Roadhouse & Pub  /  Wills Point, TX.                               REO Bar and Grill  / Longview, TX.
Tunes for Tuesday "Worlds Richest Acre" Kilgore, TX.                     

The Longhorn Saloon & Grill /  Carthage, TX.                                   
Everything That Blings, / Kilgore, TX.                                                                                
Oilfield Angels / Henderson, TX.                                                                                                                            
Louisiana Pride / White Oak, TX.                                                      

Red Dirt Texas Dance Hall / Longview, TX.                                             


The Sheila And The Caddo Kats Band

would like to Thank-You  For Stopping By!

We Will See  You  At A Stage

Near You On Our,

"Living Live Tour"

Tatum Pecan Pie Festival / Tatum, TX.
Mojo Gumbo Music Festival / Eufaula, OK.
Tunes for Tuesday "Worlds Richest Acre" Kilgore, TX.

River Stock Festival  / Kilgore, TX.
Reulion Durango's Canyon / Mt Enterprise, TX.
Longview Wine Festival / Longview, TX.
Josie Music Awards  / Nashville, TN.
Jefferson Burn Benefit / Jefferson, TX.
HeARTS Found Festival / Tyler, TX.
Kilgore After Five Friday  / Kilgore, TX.
Rusk County Fly In  / Henderson, TX.
Wonderland Of Lights / Marshall, TX.




Sheila Clark Fox  - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Percussion:

(Original Member  Joined In - August 2017 to Present)
(favorite color Purple)

"Sheila and the Caddo Kats". Today's Award Winning Variety Band!


   Sheila is an International performer, Leader and Main Vocalist for,
"Sheila and the Caddo Kats". Born in Marshall, TX.
and Leader for Today's Award Winning Variety Band!

The origin of the Caddo Kats, first started in the Caddo Lake area of East Texas,

where Sheila, singer/songwriter, grew up. She developed a love for music

through the teachings of her Father, (Music Director), and her Grandfather,

who was part of a Gospel Quartet. She is now sharing musical compositions

with the world as an, International Performing Artist.
In 2002 Sheila performed at the John Ritter Show Case

in Carthage, TX. for the inaugural year of the opening of the

Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

In 2015, Sheila was awarded “Song of the Year”, for her song, “Love Is So Right”, from
Fair Play Country Music - She was featured on the cover of FPCM magazine as the
artist of the month. Her songs, “Little Feather”, and "Harley Fever”, were
nominated for Song and Video of the Year at the Josie Music Awards for
2017, 2018, and 2019. Her band, Sheila And The Caddo Kats (2017 to present day)

has earned several awards:
In June of 2023 Sheila performed the lead role as, ”Patsy Cline”,

in the musical, "I Am Patsy", for the Jefferson, TX. Opry House Players.

Sheila released her first solo album titled, "Uncertain Texas", in 2019 produced by

Kenny Lee Productions of Nashville, TN.

Her second album, “Would You”,  Released on May 25th of 2020.

     The Kats released their 3rd album, “Country Soul Living In The City”
January 4th 2022.  
     Their 4th album, "Chill" is a multi-genre album consisting of previously

released singles along with some new tunes that have not been released. 

     Aside from music, you ask yourself, what does she have time for?

Sheila is also a spokes model for, "Confidently Ready Cosmetics",
by Josie Passantino, for all your ladies make up needs.
and has also earned an International clothing endorsement from the owner
Jacqueline Henly at, “Everything That Blings”, of Kilgore, Texas.
Sheila has always had a special place in her heart for,
“Fair Play Country Music”, and the, ”Josie Music Awards”.
These two companies are, “Industry Judged”, so that each

artist can have the confidants two know that their talent
compares with other artists in the business.
She thanks God for her extraordinary talent that was
given to her from our maker above.


Alan Fox  - Vocals/Guitar: 

(Original Member  Joined In - August 2017 to Present)

(favorite color Red)

     Alan Fox, Guitarist for the Caddo Kats, is an Internationally

Recognized Award Winning Guitarist from the Great State of Texas!

Winning His first Jazz Song Award 

for the song, "Snowflake" from FPCM in the Netherlands.

Inspired from his friend Michael Garvin.

"If You Have No Vocals, You Have No Language Barrier.  
     He has been garnered with awards in the highly competitive music

Mecca, of California at the 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards,

"Rock Band of the Year", 2013 in 2016 "Rock Band of the Year" in Nashville, TN.
and in 2017 at the ETX Texas Music Awards, "Rock Band of the Year".
     Alan joined with Sheila to form the Caddo Kats.

Based out of East Texas. Alan is endorsed by Curt Mangan Strings, 

Goulding Guitars, and He was a signed Artist with

Mesquite St. Records of Arlington, TX.

     Alan was a Vocal Scholarship student at Stephen F. Austin
State University. There he met other aspiring young musicians
such as singer / songwriter Michael Garvin (song writer with over 600 top 10 hits)
     Alan later moved to Bossier City, LA. with Michael to
record and perform. After starting a family, Alan later
returned to college and earned his degree in Bio/Chemistry.
     Alan has worked around such performers as,

Bobby Mackey, Bobby Rice, Bugs Henderson, Michael Garvin,

Point Blank, Foghat, Black Star Riders, Kenny Wayne Shepherd,

Marshall Tucker, Thin Lizzy, Wes Jeans, Little Texas (WB Artist) .

Ricky Lynn Gregg (Liberty Records), Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials,  
Buddy Flett,  A-Train,  Matthew Davidson Band,

Robin & the Bluebirds, Los Lonely Boys,

Howling Wolf, and many more.



Terry  Salyer -- Vocals/Drums:

(Original Member  Joined In - August 2017 to Present)
(favorite color Blue)

     When not involved in national and or international tours, Terry performs

in the Texas area allowing him to teach and record. He records as a

session player from Texas to Tennessee.  His tasteful drum tracks

have been heard in songs rating in the top 10 and top 20 World,

International, National and European Indie charts. As an educator
he has had many successful students; many have earned degrees and
many others have become professional players, several with major
artists. This is a small part of the kind of success that explains
a year-round waiting list to study with Terry Salyer. As early as
the second grade Terry had dreams of becoming a musician. He made
his first commitment toward fulfilling those dreams by beginning
his formal study of music in the fourth grade. The dedication
continues as his calendar fills with performance, recording
and clinic dates. Most of these dates include performances, in
store appearances and radio interviews and performances
with the Alan Fox Band, a signed Artist with Mesquite St. Records

of Arlington, TX.  
     Terry Salyer is an endorser for Aquarian Accessories
and is a teacher endorser for Promark. 

See, hear, and feel,  the magic of the music of this exuberant performer
by attending a performance or clinic presentation by Terry Salyer.

Reviews . . . his study of music theory and experience as an instructor
in guitar and drums has helped him develop a fine reputation as
a studio musician. . .( Roger Kaye, Ft. Worth Star Telegram )

     This consistent progression has been a result of Terry's
continuing development of style which contains a successful
combination of dynamics, finesse and power. .

(Coast to Coast Country Magazine)

     Terry Salyer is well known in the area as one of its finest,
most versatile musicians as well as being a great teacher.
     Many East Texas Musicians got their start in Terry's

teaching studio such as: Duane Propes (Little Texas) (WB Artist)

Ricky Lynn Gregg (Capital/Liberty Records)


Ricky  Roach -- Bass:
(Joined May 21st 2023 to present)
(favorite color Blue)

     Ricky is an outstanding performer coming to the

Caddo Kats. He has joined the Kats in May 2023.

He comes to the Kats as a very seasoned performer whom
has toured with Capital/Liberty Records artist

Ricky Lynn Gregg and Sony Records artist Don Woods Jr.

We welcome Ricky as he has proven to be outstanding 

in the field of music. He has also played with Blackland,

Deep South, Eched in Black, and the Cole Scoggins Band.

     Ricky has an endorsement with 

Warrior Basses and owns  The  2015 '5'  String Isabelia,
2015 '6'  String Isabella,  2015 '5'  String Fretless Dran Michael

     Ricky says, "Warrior Basses are the best playing guitar I've ever played".
From the quality hardware, electronics, wood choices they are

truly works of art that a musician can actually play.

From the low String setups to the intonation and staying in tune,

these basses are awesome. The Lewis family puts all their

love, blessings and most of all, the

Good Lord from above in every build.


Don Elbert  -- Keys:

(Joined the band March 27th 2023 to present)
(Favorite Color Silver)

  Our keyboardist, Don Elbert is a longtime East Texas

Musician who has played with many, if not most, 

of the area's bands. The Bands that he has performed with

have graced performances at the Texas' Governor's Mansion,

to the East Texas Fair. To include the Gregg County Fair,

and The East Texas Blues Festival.

More places that Don has performed for are,

Dallas' Love Field, and the King Biscuit Blues Festival of

Helena, Ark. just to name a few.


Steve Allen / Bass & Vocals: From Kilgore, TX.


Stephen Allen: Born-April 13th 1951 / Died-December 17th 2023 

Steve was an Original Founding Member (Vocals/Bass) 
for Sheila And The Caddo Kats. His bass can be heard on the 
recordings of the "Would You" Album, plus on many live videos.
He performed with the Kats for Six Years. 
On October 16th 2023, after having a slight stroke, 
A Brain Tumor was found. The Physicians attempted to 
remove the mass but were unsuccessfull in the attemt.
Steve Passed at age 72 December 17th 2023
Steve was survived by his loving wife Rita Allen and friends.

You Will Be Missed God Bless You.

We would like to thank Stephen Allen, original member of the
Caddo Kats, for his outstanding Talent as our
bass player for Sheila And The Caddo Kats.
"He loved fixing and building things in his Man Cave". 
Joined the band In - August 2017 as his neighbor gave him an 
acoustic bass that they had found in a dumpster. He refurbed it 
and said he wanted to play it in the band.
Retired from the Band - June  2023



Sheila 6.jpg
Terry  and Ricky.jpg
Don 4.jpg

Alan Fox 

Terry Salyer

Don Elbert 

Ricky Roach.jpg

Ricky Roach

Alan 2.jpg

Sheila Clark Fox

Ricky LL.jpg
Steve 2.jpg
Steve 1.jpg
Lonnie Steve.jpg

Mr. Stephen Allen  (obituary)

Cremation arrangements for Mr. Stephen Allen, 72, of Kilgore are under the direction of Rader Funeral Home in Kilgore. A celebration of life service will be held at a later date to be announced. Stephen passed away at his home on Sunday, December 17, 2023.

Stephen was born on April 13, 1951, in Memphis, Tennessee. He was the son of the late Elmer Eugene Allen and Julia Estelle Allen Kinney. Stephen worked as a manager of a machine shop,

M. W. Smith Equipment. He was a pump and compressor specialist. Stephen had many interests, his music being center stage. He played in several bands around the area, he enjoyed working on radios, amps, and other musical equipment. He loved tinkering in his man cave. He will always be remembered by his family and many friends for his humorous T- shirts. Stephen had a way of making people feel better about themselves. He will be missed by his family and friends.

Stephen was preceded in death by his parents; brother, Joe Gaba; and stepfather, William Kinney.

Left to cherish his memory are his wife, Rita Allen of Kilgore; stepsons, Jeremy Luker of Kilgore and Joshua Luker of Baytown; step-granddaughter, Alexis Luker of Kilgore; and host of friends.

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