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“2020 JMA Female Artists of the Year Nominee”
“2020 Fair Play Country Music of Holland Nominee Female Artist of the Year”
“2019 TCMA Best of the Best” World Wide Release Album
"2018 Nashville Entertainer of the Year at the JMA"
“2017 Female Artist of the Year / Song of the Year Nominee at the JMA”
“2016 Female Artist of the Year. Song of the Year Nominee at the JMA”
“2015 Female Artist of the Year. JMA Nominee at the JMA”

"2015 Fair Play Country Music of Holland,  Song of the Year, “Love Is So Right”

2019 “Uncertain Texas” producer, Kenny Lee, Nashville, TN.
2019 “TCMA Best of the Best” for “Uncertain Texas”
2019 “TCMA Best of the Best” for “If You Don't Believe In Texas”
2020 “Would You” Studio 520 (the Edge of Texas)
2020 “Tribute Album to Dolly Parton” Bongo Boy Records New Jersey, NY.

Sheila And The Caddo Kats, is a classic acoustic rockabilly band with a nostalgic flavor, that takes their audience back to a simpler time when music relayed the good feelings of being alive. On any given night, audiences can be seen swaying and singing along to the sounds of they're favorite songs performed without the help of electric instruments.
The origin of the Caddo Kats first started in the Caddo Lake area of East Texas, where this singer/songwriter grew up. She developed a love for music through the teachings of her father, a Music Director, and her Grandfather, who was part of a Gospel Quartet. The road to the band’s formation was a tough one, full of pain and loss, including illness and death, but through it all, Sheila kept her love and faith alive.
She is now sharing her original compositions with the world as a recording and performing artist. The first member to join her in her project, was Steve Allen, who brings a unique sound of the upright bass to the ensemble. Next to join her effort would be guitarist Alan Fox, and drummer, Terry Salyer, who came from the national act, “The Alan Fox Band”, which had been touring the US

for the past eighteen years and garnished with several national awards. Sheila, herself, has performed at Two CMA Festivals in Nashville, and has been nominated for Female Artists of the Year.
In 2015, Sheila won, Song of the Year, for her song, “Love Is So Right”, from Fair Play Country Music of Holland, Europe and was featured on the cover of their magazine as the artist of the month. Her songs, “Little Feather”, and "Harley Fever”, were nominated for Song and Video of the Year at the Josie Music Awards for 2017 – 2018 – and 2019.
The Kats in 2018, earned Entertainer of the Year in Traditional Country at the Josie Music Awards in Tennessee.
Sheila and her guitarist, Alan Fox, have both been chosen to have one original song included on the 2019 Compilation Album from the Texas Country Music Association to become a National Released Recording.
Sheila released her first album titled, "Uncertain Texas",
in 2019 produced by Kenny Lee Productions of Nashville, TN.
Currently, the band has been touring their home state of Texas and the Southern Sunbelt States. Their new single “Would You”, has been released May 25th of 2020.
With their second album “Would You” (be my friend), was released March 25th 2020.
Aside from music, you ask yourself, what does she have time for? Sheila is also a spokes model for Confidently Ready Cosmetics, by Josie Passantino, and has also earned a clothing endorsement from, “Everything That Blings”, by owner Jacqueline Henly.
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